Transcend SSD/HDD Enclosure Speed Test Benchmark

We got our hands on Transcend 2.5″ enclosure (drive case) for hard drives and solid state drives. The enclosure is made from aluminium and it is designed to secure the drive properly by screwing the front and back covers after inserting it. We have seen generic enclosures from random brands that leave the drive loose inside or do not let the drive fit properly. But this one got no such issues. Transcend enclosure supports UASP which can boost the transfer speed if supported by your operating system and USB.

Despite of good build quality, we did not observe anything special with performance. In fact, generic enclosures can outperform this Transcend SSD/HDD case in benchmarks. Performance varied depending upon the file being copied. Some benchmark and speed test results for Kingston SSD (480 GB) and Seagate HDD (500 GB) are posted below.

Kingston SSD


Seagate HDD

You should choose Transcend enclosures only if you want to secure your drive with metal case. Other brands plastic cases can break easily if fallen and may damage the drive.

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