How to Lower Your Electricity Bill

High electricity prices for residential and commercial consumers are the problem of several developed and developing countries. Commercial users compensate the high electricity expenses by raising the prices of their manufactured goods or services they offer. But residential users have to live with that and adjust their budgets to pull out money for electricity bills. So, if you live in such a country where electric supply companies peel off your skin with their expensive electricity, you need to take some measures to reduce you power consumption and lower your monthly power bills.

Reducing your electric power consumption should not be a difficult task if you just bring small changes to your life style and always choose the devices which fulfill your needs without putting burden on your pocket in the form of high utility bills. Mentioned below are some necessary tips which should help you in cutting expenses on your electric power bills.

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1- Turn Off Extra Lights and Fans

Just begin with this. If you have the habit of leaving extra fans and lights on, you should change your habit now and switch them off whenever you leave the room or when they are running unnecessarily. Though fans and lights do not consume a lot of power but every unit adds up to massive bill at the end.

2- Use Central Heating Unit at Night
If you do not live in Canada or Alaska, you do not need to use central heating at day time during winters if weather outside is clear. Keeping central heating unit running at day time in such conditions is just a waste of money and resources. Sunlight is the wealth for your health and also for your fixed income. Additionally, if at day time, you feel that weather is too cold, you should set temperature of heating units to relatively lower level and use thicker clothes, sweaters and jackets to protect yourself from cold. That will help reduce electricity consumption and bills.

3- Set Thermostat of Central Cooling Units for Moderate Cooling
In summers and in hot countries and states around the world, life becomes slow and difficult when the weather is hot. People use different means to cool themselves including air coolers, air conditioners, taking bath, fans and much more. Air conditioners are the source of relief in hot humid weathers. But these machines consume excessively high power. These days, large buildings, hotels, offices and some homes are centrally cooled to cope with the heat of summer. If residential users are using such cooling system, they should understand that setting thermostat for lower temperature will make the cooling unit work harder which will elevate the electric bills. A moderate cooling should be preferred to bring a balance between expenses and budgets.

4- Service air conditioners regularly. Use Inverter or Power Saver A/C Preferably
These days, split air conditioners are commonly used in most countries due to the ease of installation and lesser space requirement. Outdoor unit can be placed at any suitable place with indoor unit at best location to fit the room interior. These air conditioners and other types of air conditioners (windowed, roof top or floor standing) are now available in inverter models as well. Such inverter air conditioners use the inverter technology to control the speed of AC compressor resulting into reduced power consumption. Such air conditioners might be expensive to buy but the lower running expenses will compensate for the cost. If you do not want to use such air conditioners, then preferably buy regular air conditioners with lower power ratings. Use air conditioners when it is too hot and don’t forget to service air conditioning unit regularly. Dirty air conditioning filters and fins not only affect cooling but also increase the power consumption.

5- Use CFL or LED Lights
Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) are innovation in place of light bulbs technology which guarantee best power saving with extended life period. One CFL energy saver can lowers your power consumption by more than 75 % producing same or stronger light.  With LED lamps, this power consumption can be further decreased. LEDs are not only long lasting but highly energy efficient source of light. Installing CFL or LED lamps at commonly used rooms and corridors can better help reducing your monthly or daily power bills.

6- Buy and Use Devices that Display Energy Saving Logo or Consume Lesser Power
Different kinds of products are available in market for the similar purposes. People who are conscious about their utility bills should consider power rating of products before buying them. Over the period of time, technology is improving and newer versions of different products are being manufactured that utilize lesser power than their predecessor versions. Best examples are LCD or LED televisions, latest computers, new technology based kitchen and other home appliances.

7- Remove or Turn off Chargers from Sockets
It is a seriously bad habit to leave the chargers running after removing notebooks or mobile phones from them. This not only reduces the average expected life span of chargers but also keep consuming electricity to some extent. Remove them or at least turn off the switch to save electricity and also save their life. Otherwise, you might need to rush to market to buy a newer one.

8- Do not Leave appliances running on standby

It is also another way of wasting electricity and increasing your bills by leaving appliances or devices running on standby. Standby mode requires electric power to pause the activity for shorter period of time. Leaving television, computer, air conditioners, electric ovens on standby make them keep consuming electricity. You should completely turn off the devices or appliances after using them. Make it a habit and you will observe clear reduction in power bills.

9- Power factor correction
Power factor correction may or may not work depending upon what kind of machines or appliances you are running. This technique if works can lower power consumption by 5-15 % in some cases. Bad power factor results in more power wastage and lesser work obtained. Correcting it can have some positive results. Several kinds of power factor correcting devices are available in market which you can try.


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