Record of Statistics
When visitors access this website, their source of entry is recorded. It includes and limited to recording type of web browser and operating system used, IP address and estimated geographical region, search terms, referring sites and referring URLs. These stats help us to determine how well this website is serving and where we need some improvements. There is no other use of these statistics from our end. Your browsing details that are generated on this website will not be displayed or published by any mean.

Filling Out Contact and Comment Forms
When you contact website administrator or an author privately, you have to provide your Name and Email address as a source of communication. We guarantee it that your provided details will not be published anywhere or we will not use it for any harmful or illegal purposes. Similarly, when you comment on a post, you have to provide your Name and Email address. Your Name will be published with your comment but not your email address. This email is collected only if you want to subscribe to comments or receive notification of new comments via email (Currently, we are not providing this service).

Tracking Cookies
We are using ad services on this website. Third parties may store tracking cookies in visitors’ web browsers to customize ads according to their interest. This website itself does not use cookies to customize contents or show relevant posts according to the users’ interest.

Google advertising cookies

Google Adsense uses cookies to better customize ads according to the users interest on this website. One of those cookies is “DoubleClick” cookie that is capable of keeping a log of displayed ads and avoid displaying same ad again which a user has already seen. Please note, this cookie does not record any personal identifiable information of users. But it does contain an identifier that identifies the ad campaign only to which a user was exposed previously. Also note that this cookie is sent to the users’ browser when a certain activity happens that calls the DoubleClick Server. If the browser accepts the cookies, it is stored on the browser. Users can opt out from seeing particular ads by making necessary adjustments to Ads settings.

Right to Change Policy
We reserve the right to change this privacy policy any time without prior notice.