Orico HDD/SSD Enclosure Speed Test Benchmark

Due to our work requirements, we often frequently need to upgrade hard drives and SSDs with bigger ones to store all the files and their backups. We got couple of spare 2.5″ hard drives that we removed from laptops to upgrade them with solid state drives and now they were just lying around idle. So we decided to utilize them and ordered couple of hard drive enclosures for them. We found these transparent Orico HDD/SSD cases online so we decided to give them a shot. After using them we decided to publish a short review and speedtest results to let you know what these can offer.

Overall these Orico drive enclosures will almost give similar performance like any other good enclosure (we also tested Transcend HDD/SSD enclosure so you can check their performance too). The only advantage these have is a clear plastic case that will let you see which drive you have put in them in case you are using multiple of them. These Orico drive cases also support UASP, a technology that can boost the performance of your hard drive or SSD when connected to USB.

Take a look at speedtest results posted below. The performance will greatly vary depending on the hard drive or solid state drive you are using and also if you have plugged the enclosure into USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port and whether your system supports UASP or not.


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