Is it Safe to Charge Mobile Phones & Tablets with High Ampere or Quick Charge Chargers?

The answer is Yes.

If you have bought a charger with higher charging current (A) than the original charger that came with your device and you are worried with thoughts like “can I charge my phone with high ampere charger? Is it safe? Will quick charge charger damage battery?” Well such concerns have been answered here in details:

Products powered with lithium ion or lithium ion polymer batteries have got built-in circuits to limit the charging current that could be safely fed to the battery. Rechargeable lithium batteries especially lithium ion-polymer batteries are very sensitive to charge rate and overcharging is extremely fatal for them. So circuits are designed to make sure that an appropriate charge rate is maintained even if original charger is not used.

Quick Charge technology developed by Qualcomm has got fair market share today and smartphones that boast fast charging utilize this technology that charges phone at higher voltage thus increases the charging speed. Qualcomm Quick Charge technology supports wide range of voltages [3.6 V to 20 V with QC 3.0+] and is capable of automatically detecting device voltage requirements. So in case you use Qualcomm QC charger to charge your phone that accepts ordinary 5V charging current you can safely charge that too with that.

These days standard USB chargers are increasingly becoming common that could be used to charge or power wide range of gadgets like your phones, tablets, cameras, mobile broadband (MBB), routers, Wi-Fi range extenders, modems, wingles, electric shavers, hair trimmers, music players, rechargeable flashlights and even your power banks. The USB charging really eliminates the need of varying chargers and one single charger could be used for charging various devices. Now a days, USB charging ports are available in hotel room switch boards, airplanes, luxury buses, trains, cars and trucks that really ease your life in case your forgot to bring your charger with you or you are running out of battery juice.

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