How to Fix Limited or No Connection Problem with Wi-Fi Extender / Repeater

If you are using Wi-Fi router as a repeater to extend WiFi (also known as WDS Bridging) or any WiFi Extending device and you are unable to connect to internet you need to look into the following things to fix the problem:

– Make sure that your Wi-Fi extender (network router, Wi-Fi amplifier, Wi-Fi booster or any other device with Wi-Fi repeating or extending capability) is in the range of your AP Wi-Fi (DSL, Modem, Mobile Broadband, MiFi, Wingle, hotspot, Wi-Fi router or whatever internet device you are using). If your Wi-Fi extending device is receiving very weak signals it will fail to extend the Wi-Fi range or you will not be able to connect to internet.

– Make sure that Wi-Fi of your AP is set to fixed Wi-Fi channel instead of Auto. Because in auto mode, your internet device will keeping changing channels of Wi-Fi every time it restarts. Once channel changes, the Wi-Fi extending device will fail to communicate with AP and you will not be able to connect to internet.

– Make sure to not change the Wi-Fi SSID of your AP. Changing SSID will result in bridging failure. If you need to change it then you need to again setup your Wi-Fi extender or repeater.

– While bridging, extending Wi-Fi or repeating you need to use same password, same channel, same security mode and same band. Any difference in these will result in bridging failure. For good connection, make sure to choose same region and same bandwidth as well. Having same SSID on repeater or extender is not required. You can use any Wi-FI SSID for repeater/extender.

– If DHCP of bridged device is failing to assign IP address to devices, you won’t be able to connect to internet. Try disabling DHCP and check if problem persists. In WDS bridging, DHCP enabled is not usually required (we checked it with TP-Link routers). But you won’t be able to access control panel of your router unless you manually assign an IP address to your connected devices or reset the router.

– Update firmware of your internet devices. That could also fix the problem of limited or no connectivity.

– Don’t forget to check that your AP itself is connected to internet. Sometimes, problem with your ISP or weak signals (in case of using wireless internet) could cause downtime, slow internet or intermittent no connectivity problem.

[This guide is for Wifi Extenders & Repeaters manufactured by TP-Link, D-Link, NetSys, Xiaomi, ASUS, Microlink, UBNT, Cisco, Amped, Eero, Huawei etc.]

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