How to Disable Windows 10 Update Assistant Permanently [Working Solution + Patch]

Microsoft uses Windows 10 Update Assistant to download and install Windows 10 on older Windows releases or to update Windows 10 to latest build. Microsoft forcefully install this Update Assistant so even if you uninstall it, it will install back once you restart your PC, login from sleep or hibernation. You may utilize its “Remind me Later” option to postpone downloading and updating Windows. But in a few days, it will forcefully start downloading updates if you ever connect to a Wi-Fi that is not set as metered connection. Then the only options for you to stop it immediately is to uninstall it or stop it from Task Manager. But that’s not going to help on the long run since it will install back or start downloading updates again.

You can temporarily or permanently disable Windows 10 Update Assistant by following these methods:

Set Wi-Fi as Metered Connection
Go to Windows Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Select Wi-Fi you are connected to > Set as metered Connection

This may temporarily stop Windows Update service including Update Assistant if you are using Wi-Fi to connect to internet. But since Microsoft is famous for making bad decisions, they might decide to still push large Windows 10 updates over metered Wi-Fi connection as well. But as long as they don’t do it, you are fine with it. Additionally if you ever connect to a different Wi-Fi connection or public Wi-Fi, Windows 10 Update Assistant will start downloading updates. Microsoft does not care if that slows down your internet connection or nag you while you are studying, playing online games or doing something important. I shall recommend to follow the second method give below as that would stop Microsoft from pushing updates via Windows 10 Update Assistant a little longer or permanently!

Disable Windows 10 Update Assistant Permanently
• Download this Windows10UpgraderApp* file and replace it with the original file in Windows10Upgrade folder in Windows partition (C:)
Windows Partition (C:) > Windows10Upgrade > Replace the Windows10UpgraderApp file with downloaded file.

• Now go to Task Scheduler > Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > Update Orchestrator and disable UpdateAssistant, UpdateAssistantCalendarRun, UpdateAssistantWakeupRun and all their triggers. See the screenshots below to get the idea. You must disable triggers for all these three tasks.

• Go to Task Scheduler > Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > WindowsUpdate and disable Automatic App Update, Scheduled Start, sih, sihboot and all their triggers. See the screenshot below.

[You can access Task Scheduler by going to Start > Windows Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler or simply use Cortona]

• Open “Services” by going to Start > Windows Administrative Tools > Services > Windows Update, Stop the service and set its Startup type to “Disabled” or “Manual”. Please see this post to read more details about it: How to Disable Windows 10 Updates Permanently


* You can create Windows10UpgraderApp.exe file yourself. Just take a text file with .txt extension. Rename that as “Windows10UpgraderApp” and change .txt extension to .exe. Replacing that with original file will make sure that Update Assistant is not started manually since it might reset tasks in Task Scheduler and you would again have to go through the whole process of disabling it.

Firewall Method
Another fix to stop Windows 10 Update Assistant from downloading any files is to block its connections in your Antivirus Firewall. Please see your antivirus/internet security Firewall help files to learn how to block connections or set rules for applications.

Personally, I hate what Microsoft has started doing after the release of Windows 10. Every other good software gives you the option to decide when you would like to install updates. But Microsoft has simply taken that option away. Now they are offering settings like setting specific Wi-Fi internet connection as metered to temporary halt Windows updates which does not work when you switch to a new Wi-Fi connection. Believe me whenever a corporation starts going downhills it is due to these policies that annoy users and they would start looking for alternatives. By the way Linux based Ubunutu is a really good operating system and today chiefly used for web hosting. It can be installed on PC just like Windows and has got some very good third party apps as well.


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