Reasons for Corrosion on Terminals of Brand New Battery

Do you see corrosion on terminals of your brand new battery? There could be several reasons for that. Read them all to find out what is responsible for that in your case.

– Did you just connect your old battery terminals with your new battery? Your old terminals might already had some corrosion on them which has now started increasing due to the moisture in air (acidic moisture due to air pollution if I must say) and high current passing through them. Current actually increases the speed of corrosion. Copper once start corroding, corrosion does not stop until whole terminals are gone unless you protect them by lubricating them with anti-corrosion compounds like grease, vaseline, petroleum jelly or silicone.

– During shipment, mishandling of battery might have damaged battery plastic container and let electrolyte leak out of loose joint or crack causing terminal to corrode. It could also be due to a manufacturing defect. Carefully observe the plastic top cover of battery around battery terminals to see if there is something wet or smells like acid (sulfuric acid). If you observe such thing then it’s the battery acid that is seeping out. Such battery should be replaced in warranty because it can later cause you more troubles.

– Acid rain: Rain water could become acidic when it contains sulfuric acid or nitric acid formed due to sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxides found in polluted air. In atmosphere these chemicals (SO2 and NOx) react with water vapors and oxygen to form sulfuric acid and nitric acid. During heavy rainfall, water of acid rain can get under the hood and wet everything including bare metal terminals of battery. There is enough acid in polluted rain water to corrode not only battery terminals but also the exposed body parts of vehicles.

– Bad alternator: If alternator is not cutting of charging and causing overcharging and overheating of battery that can make the joints loose and acid can spill out. Get the alternator checked to make sure it is not malfunctioning.

– Extensive driving on rough roads or off-roading: If you are taking part in such events where you have to ride on muddy tracks or sand, that will not only cause great damage to your car but also the new battery that you just installed. Off-roaders should have the budget to get the battery changed in addition to other repairs. If you live in an area where roads are not carpeted your battery can get damaged due to continuous bumps and vibrations.

– Low quality battery: Saving money on battery can cost you later. Low quality batteries will have low quality plastic container and low quality charging plates. Expect electrolyte leakage from joints of such batteries. Such batteries are prone to premature failure too.

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