Benign Blog is an educational blog that contains articles and reports about scientific innovations and technological revolutions plus guides about products and services that are the result of research in the field of science and technology. The blog was launched in the month of January, 2011. Since then we have brought a lot of changes to it including the choice of new blog logo and website design, new hosting platform and perhaps a new domain name. We are still striving to improve it and stay always ready to mold it for the latest advancements and upgrades brought to the world of internet. We welcome you to be the part of this website by joining our social media pages. If you have any suggestion, please let us know.

This website was previously hosted on Google’s Blogger platform which was quite good in its own way but quite limited for admin’s use as it was free. Now, we have moved this website to WordPress which is an Open Source website software with paid hosting. The result which we have got after this major upgrade is even a better working website with root access to almost all parts of the website. We still remember the starting experience which we got with Blogger.

Another major update which we brought in past while this website was hosted on Blogger was choosing a personal custom domain instead of Sub domain. So, from “Eastern Survival” sub domain, we switched over to “Benign Blog” with new motto “Intellectual Creative Expressions”. The admin of this website who likes to teach with his written words later decided to make it a core education blog for the welfare of online knowledge seekers. So, we got to take another step and update our logo as well which is now “Educating Online World”.