CyberPower Inverters: Review & Description

CyberPower makes reliable power backup products for home and office use. Here in this article, I have reviewed one model and posted the description of four models that are currently in my use. These power inverters are basically UPS and can be used for uninterrupted power supply to appliances in case of blackout or temporary power failure.

Note that CyberPower backup and power related products are available depending upon rules and regulations of your country and requirements of people. Some products are region specific and may not be available in your country.

(CyberPower Inverters stacked on shelves in local store)

I have been using CyberPower inverter CPS1000EI (1000 VA / 600 Watts LED version) for past several months and I have not faced any troubles while using it. Since it is also a UPS with built-in charger, Its switch over time from external power supply to backup batteries is less than 20 ms (10 ms – 20 ms). Therefore, it is a recommended backup solution for small servers, desktop and notebook computers, game consoles, LED televisions and other electronic appliances. Stylish design brings an elite character to this product.

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Charger of this power inverter is capable of charging any battery starting from 35 Ah to 220 Ah. It also contains an excellent cooling system making it possible to operate it in hot weather. Other notable features include under voltage protection, protection against deep discharge of battery and overload protection. (See more features in specifications below)

CyberPower has also launched LCD versions and hybrid solar inverters to go completely off-grid. LCD display monitors the status of inverter and batteries. Additionally, UPS backup power has been increased to 1200 VA (720 Watts) and 2200 VA (1320 Watts) for CPS1200EILCD and CPS2200EILCD models respectively. Whereas, CPS2000EI model is 2000 VA (1200 Watts) power inverter. Charging current of these four power inverters is 10 A, and weight is no more than 2.2 Kg. All these four models are available in two colors black and white. Other larger regular and hybrid inverters are now also available to run refrigerators, washing machines and other heavy appliances.

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Visit the official website for more products:

Originally posted on May 12, 2012
Updated on July 25, 2017

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