How To Use Task Manager On Slow Android Phone Without Losing Performance

When Task Managers or Task Killers which are available at Google Play Store are used, many people complain about loss of performance, speed degradation and sometimes, frequent restart of mobile phone. One can overcome such issues by taking small measures.

Good Task Manager has an option of “Ignore List”, “Exception List” or sometimes simply “Ignore”. If such option is not available separately, then there will be the facility to individually unselect applications from getting terminated. Now, what a user should do is to add all those applications which are set to automatic synchronization and also those which one sees restarting automatically after killing into exception to allow Task Manager to ignore those applications. Automatically synchronizing applications include those which persistently connect to internet to receive updates. These include Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Hotmail, Skype, Yahoo, Google+, WhatsApp etc.

Sometimes, those applications which are not set to auto-start start automatically or if started once keep popping up over and over again in the list of running applications after closing them or killing them. For this, developers are responsible for not developing them properly. Some games and almost all Google applications follow the same behaviour no matter you require them or not, these will keep running in background and consume RAM.

Quality Task Managers have certain options to set the frequency and behaviour of automatic task killing. Must set the delay to not less than 15 minutes. You can also turn such features off and manually kill the running applications by yourself when required. This way, extra battery shall not be consumed and task manager will not slow the android phone or tablet down.


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