Lightning Does Not Especially Strike Black Objects And Living Bodies

Some people believe that it is not safe to walk outside during lightning as it can kill you. Some others believe that one should not use black umbrella or wear black dress while going outside during thunderstorm as lightning strikes black objects more often.

Fortunately, there is no truth in the superstition that lightning especially strikes black objects as it is neither scientifically proven nor logically. Lightning when has to strike, it will strike no matter what color dress a person is wearing or where he or she is going with whatever color umbrella he or she is carrying. If lightning strikes black objects more often then at the night time, it will fall everywhere on every object as everything on Earth goes dark at night.

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Why lightning strikes Earth, objects, trees and unfortunate persons and unfortunate animals! The real answer to this is still unknown except that there are numerous scientific philosophies of which one is that a negatively charged lightning looks for a positively charged termination point on Earth and vice versa. If that is considered true then on this Earth millions of things are either positively or negatively charged. A little rubbing of your hair on your head or rubbing of your clothes with your body hair produce static charges. Then lightning would start striking every charged person on Earth who is in the open. But we know, in reality, this does not happen.

The only answer which appears in my mind to this mystery is that if you are destined to be struck by lightning then there is no hiding place for you, no matter you are an atheist or believe in a God or gods. Still, a person should take some preventive measures in thunderstorms like standing under the shades (non-metallic preferably), going inside the building or sitting inside the vehicle. If in an open field, then never stand under trees as these are considered to be good conductors of lightning. Instead, sit down on Earth and put your mobile phone away from you. Do not touch the nearby metallic fence or metallic poles as these could be charged. Look around for any shelter other than trees.

It is estimated that out of all kinds of lightning only 25 % are from cloud to ground. Remaining are intra-cloud or inter-cloud.


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