Buy A Desktop Computer For Gaming Not A Laptop

Different platforms are available for gaming today. One of these widely used is PC. So, if you desire to choose this platform, you must know what is best for you and what is not. I shall give some valid reasons to help you choose the best from the category.

Sellers or other people can mislead you and indulge you into buying a laptop for gaming purpose. But to be honest, despite of latest hardware with best graphics processing unit (GPU) inside them, these can not well serve the purpose. If you are a casual gamer, laptop can be fine for you. But if you are a hardcore gamer, always choose a desktop computer. This might sound weird but the truth is, desktop PC is an excellent machine for gaming. I am pointing out some facts below to make it understandable what I am saying.

1- Laptop is a small device. Due to its small size, it is not possible to add new hardware according to your needs. You may add an extra RAM if a slot is empty but you can not add extra hard disk drive (HDD) or solid state drive (SSD). Similarly, you can not upgrade the motherboard or GPU. GPU chip is soldered on motherboard and it can not be easily replaced. Only an expert technician can do this but success is not guaranteed.On the other hand, desktop PC is a large unit but has numerous benefits You can add more hardware without any hassle. Also any hardware can be upgraded easily. Outdated GPU can be easily replaced with newer one. More than one storage device can be installed in it. Due to the large size of motherboard, you can add several RAM modules to the system. And if any hardware malfunction due to extreme gaming, only that one can be replaced easily. This is not true for laptop. You yourself might not replace that faulty hardware from laptop and you have to take it to service centre to get it repaired.

2- Another most important factor which can prove desktop PC better and more reliable for gaming is the cooling system. Usually, laptops have poor cooling system inside them and these get extremely hot when you play heavy games. You have to use cooling pads to cool them. Otherwise, you may have to face consequences caused by intense heat. On the other hand, desktop computer has good cooling system and you can also add extra coolers (cooling fans etc) to cope with the excessive heating issue.

3- You can make a perfect setup for gaming at one place with desktop computer. You can buy desired size monitor and gaming accessories and start your favourite game in just a minute or two every time you turn on your computer. While with laptop, you may have to go through a process every time to make a good setup for gaming. Even though, you can attach external monitor and gaming accessories to it but why to do this when alternative i.e. desktop PC is available. In fact, laptops are designed for mobility and not to make a steady setup for gaming.

PlayStation and Xbox are some other platforms of games which are also good. But if your favour is in personal computer (PC), then I must mention what operating system offers you the most today. Definitely, it is Windows OS. Almost all major manufacturers when release games in market, they also preferably build a version for Windows OS. If we categorize the following operating systems supported by games, Windows, Mac OS and Linux then Windows comes at the top of the list.


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