Blogging Techniques For A Successful Blogging

You will find a lot of information about how to customize a blog, optimize it on search engines and other details related to blogging in this article. Here, I have discussed in details what a blogger should never do which can affect his blog badly and what a blogger should do to become a successful blogger one day. These techniques, tips and tricks are valuables for beginners and intermediate bloggers to achieve their ambitions in this field.

What a Blogger shouldn’t do
1- Never change the link (permalink) of your post once it is indexed by search engines. This is because, your post is recognized with the help of unique link. A copy of a post is also cached by search engines. So, if you change the link, visitors if hit the cached copy, they will not be able to see the post on your blog. Lately, search engines will recognize the post whose link has been changed but rank it very low. This is because search engines keep record of activity (statistics) with specific links. A change in link will harshly affect search engine optimization (SEO) and post once again has to start from the beginning to build reputation in search engines. Also, if a post is shared, people will not be able to see that post whose link has been altered.

2- Never spam your blog or posts no matter how much good stuff you have on your blog. Spamming just build a bad reputation.

3- Do not choose confusing or deceptive post titles. Neither it help people nor people like it. Temporarily, you can generate some traffic through this mean but not for very long period of time.

4- You should not publish by reversing the date of a post just to prove that you are the first one to report about something. This does not help in SEO and chances are there that your that post shall get entirely ignored by search engines.

5- Do not post fake. If you are doing this just to divert traffic towards your blog, soon, your blog shall be banned by search engines.

6- Try to be creative and not a copy cat. Search engine recognizes originality and if you copy something and post it on your blog, your that post might get ignored or rank very low in search results. But if you have to copy something, must mention the source and give credit to the person or website from where you have taken something for your blog post. This will help in back linking and will not affect your blog reputation.

7- Search engines also trace public comments which people make about your blog posts. Therefore, be nice in blog section and keep your self away from unnecessary fight, rage or posting crap. If someone indulges into fight with you, you have the authority to delete his comments or block him, and you should avail the facility to protect your blog from building any sort of bad reputation.

8- Do not annoy people with stupid web design and pop ups. Also, do not force people to like you on social web media. This is the pathetic practice which some bloggers do. People have come to your website to get benefit from it and not to like it on social media. But if they are benefited, they will surely like your blog on social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc.

9- Never use fake means (bots) to generate fake traffic on your blog especially when you are using your blog to earn money. Companies like Google spend millions on research to make their ads service fool proof. So, if you wish to do this, I can guarantee you that you shall get banned permanently from the respective advertising service.

10- If you are publishing ads on your blog or website, do not click them. Also, do not request visitors to click them. It is against service policy to click your own website ads or requesting others to click them. Advertising companies like Google are quick in banning websites who do this.

11- Do not be impatient. You should not expect to become famous over night. Famous websites you are seeing around took years of hard work to build reputation on today’s flooded internet.

What a Blogger should do

1- Before publishing a new post, choose its title wisely. Choose a unique post title and search for it over internet to learn how many posts are there with the similar title. If there are many, then think about bringing some changes in post title to attract people toward it.

2- Choose permalink with care. Mostly by default, your post title becomes your permalink. But you can make necessary amendments in it to improve search engine optimization. Link details must be reflecting content of blog post.

3- Do some study and research before posting about a subject. Mentioning references is a good thing to make people realize that they are at right place and getting right information.

4- Join forums. Forums are good place to express your opinions, getting help and helping others. If you find a topic on a forum about what you have made a nice post on your blog, post a link to your blog post over there. This will divert traffic toward your blog. On the other hand, you will be building a reputation of your blog through this mean. Some forums allow to mention external links in signatures. Avail this opportunity to generate some good traffic.

5- Join social web media. Make official webpages to promote your blog. What you post on your blog, give a reference to that on social web pages to invite people to check that.

6- Post regularly. It is not a good practice to post after a long period of time. If you do not find time or do not get much thoughts about posting, invite your friends to join your blog and become a writer. A joint effort is more futile than working alone.

7- Use key words and key phrases in your posts. This will help search engines to recognize what your post is all about. Use alternative names to improve quality and search engine optimization of a post. For example, in a post which is about some kind of mobile phone, at one place if you have used the word ‘mobile phone’ to describe, at the other place use ‘cell phone’. This kind of versatility is also very helpful in creating an attractive post.

8- It is better to post search description for individual post by yourself. But if you do not do this, search engine will itself set a streak to display in search results. Usually, it is the first paragraph of a post from where search description is chosen by search engines automatically but it is not mandatory. Search description also changes with the search string if the whole blog post is cached by search engine.

9- Use the facility of not tracking your own page views to know how well your blog is doing. Such option helps in revealing correct figures of page view count generated by clicks of visitors.

10- Publish ads in a manner to maintain soberness of blog and blog posts. Design the web template in a way that advertisement should not ruin the look of website. If you have slightest intention of posting ads in future, make necessary changes today to fulfill the requirements of ads layout in future. If you do not do this in the beginning, you may suffer from improper display of contents especially images of your website when space will be occupied by displayed ads.

11- Allowing comments for posts is the right decision so that people could express their opinions and ask related questions. Positive comments encourage bloggers to keep up their work.

12- Use correct grammar and proper language in blog posts to show your maturity and professional behaviour. Wrong use of grammar not only changes the meaning of a sentence but also develops a bad impression in the mind of a reader. If you are weak at grammar, do not be shy and take help from others to rectify grammatical errors.

13- Utilize webmaster tools to fix errors and to improve performance of website on search engines. Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools both are excellent for this purpose.

14- No-follow all the external links. This can be done by adding short code (rel=”nofollow”) to them. It does not affect user experience but helps search engines understand that respective link should not be considered while crawling. It helps the websites and blogs to work better in the SERP. External links which people leave in comments must be made no-follow.


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