Tips To Increase Backup And Life Of Smartphone Battery

Tips to increase backup:
1- If you have bought a new smartphone and experiencing poor or unsatisfied battery backup, charge the phone battery full then discharge it to as low as 10 %. Repeat this process 9 or 10 times. Lithium inside battery will settle and backup will increase.

2- To preserve battery charge, it is recommended to turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Mobile Internet (3G, Edge or GPRS) and Auto Synchronization of applications and services when not required. When Wi-Fi internet is available, preferably use it as mobile internet consumes more battery power.

3- Brighter the display is; more the battery is consumed. Dim the display brightness to preserve battery charge.

4- Use ‘Power Saver’ to manage battery. If you are using smartphone powered with multi core CPU, limit the core utilization. This will definitely decrease the processing power but increase the battery backup.

5- Instead of using live wallpapers, use static wallpapers. Live wallpapers require processing power of CPU and GPU and therefore increase battery consumption.

Tips to increase life:
1- It is a general misconception that charging battery more often decreases battery life. Actually, discharging battery too much decreases battery life. Lithium ion battery and lithium polymer battery offer several hundred charge-discharge cycles. One cycle is full charge to almost complete discharge. It is recommended to recharge battery even if it has more than 50 % charge left. This will help in extending battery life.

2- Deep discharging any rechargeable battery is extremely fatal for it. Smartphones start poking to recharge battery when battery is down. Usually, it begins when battery charge is almost 15 % left. It is best to recharge battery instead of keeping up using it.

3- If a mobile phone is not in use and has to be stored, charge the battery full and put it in dark away from sunlight, extreme temperature and moisture. Recharge its battery after every two months.


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