Since the release of Windows 8, we are hearing complains that this is the worst product ever developed by Microsoft. Critics are the leaders in this scenario to pronounce Windows 8 the downfall for Microsoft. Most of these critics are either Macintosh fans or any other operating system lovers.

Fortunately, there is no truth in these criticisms in my opinion. If people from users’ side are complaining about Windows 8, it is only because this is the first time, they are encountering a Modern user interface instead of classic desktop style. Of course, an innovation in design of a software can be a little bit or sometimes highly confusing for people. It is because everyone has different IQ level. Also, it is a common observation that most people hesitate to adapt a change. They take some time to set mind towards adapting it and then getting use to it.

When Facebook introduced a new timeline design, people were whining what company has done to facebook. But now, the same people love this new design. Same happened to YouTube. At first glance, number of people didn’t like the new template style and rejected it. Now, they are happy to continue with it.

So, if you are not hesitant to try something new and different and like to adapt a change, then it is a good chance for you to try Windows 8. It might be a little bit tricky or confusing in the beginning but when you get use to it, you will like it. And if you do not like it, you can switch back to older OS. But for this purpose, make sure you do not upgrade your older OS and separately install Windows 8.

Regarding Windows 8, I personally have used this operating system, tested it and found it even better than Windows 7. Still, I could recommend Microsoft to add some more features. First one is to add an option in control panel to turn off Modern UI and switch back to classic desktop style. Second, to  merge 32 bit and 64 bit versions into one; one major version that support both x86 and x64 architecture. Third, improved bitlocker which can lock drive without restarting PC. Forth, new icons for everything.

On the other hand, new features which have been integrated into new operating system are worth mentioning. Start menu is upgraded to tiled Modern UI. ISO image files can be directly accessed inside Windows explorer just like opening a folder. Primitive desktop style is present but has been made limited. Windows 8 supports all software which are designed for Windows 7. It can also run old software designed for Windows XP and older Windows to some extent. I tested ”Need For Speed 5 Porsche Unleashed” on Windows 8 and it worked fine even though I can not run it on Windows 7. Also tested another old game ”Project IGI 2” and it also worked perfectly on Windows 8. I also have tested many software which I have used on Windows 7 and all of them worked perfectly on Windows 8. All driver software of my computer which are basically designed for Windows 7 are also supported on Windows 8 which indicates the integrity of this new operating system.

In a nutshell, Windows 8 is not a bad manoeuvre of Microsoft in right direction in my opinion. In fact, if it is not everything then it is something next to Windows 7. I hope, this new OS will develop fairly good market in near future.