SnapPea: Control Android Phones From Computer – Review

SnapPea is a freeware software which makes it possible to control android smartphones from computer. It includes numerous useful features like contacts management, text messages reception on computer over WiFi or USB, taking snapshots of mobile screens, installing applications directly from computer and much more.

After a long trial, this software proved its integrity and good stability. But the best thing is, this software can connect over WiFi which makes it easier and wireless to manage android based cell phones. USB connectivity brings speed to this software and makes it possible to quickly import or export music, pictures and videos.

Contacts and SMS can be easily imported or exported in different formats. You can add new contacts, send or receive SMS directly from your computer without any hassle. SD card can also be backed up but only through USB connection.


SnapPea is able to show phone statistics like signals strength, network connection type, WiFi signals quality, remaining battery backup and storage. This software is also able to take snapshots of mobile screens over computer with just one click. So, now you can share them directly from you computer.

If you are connected through this software, you can directly install applications from Google Play Store via computer. You do not require to download and install them on your mobile phone any more. This software can perform this task for you pretty reliably. Not only this, you can also download and install apps from another applications store known as “1Mobile”. But for this purpose, you have to enable installation setting for “non-market” applications in settings of mobile phone. Google play store does not require this option enabled even if you install applications directly from your computer.

iTunesMovie, TED Talks, Android Central, Android and Me, Phandroid and Playboard are extra sections included in this software. Few skins are also provided to customize look.

(Please note that connection to this software over USB is possible only when “USB debugging” is enabled in settings of android smart phone.)

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