Nokia Lumia 920: Grandson Of Nokia 3310

Nokia has a long history of making reliable mobile telephones. It’s a versatile company which implemented different software platforms in its different brands of mobile phones of which many became instantly famous around the world. Symbian was the core platform of Nokia which till this day has a long list of fans. But Nokia due to some conflicts with Google and other internal company matters didn’t give a try to world’s famous operating system, android. Instead, it made a big decision of giving up Symbian OS and taking up Windows Phone OS. No matter Windows Phone is an excellent operating system especially Windows Phone 8, company’s decision about dumping Symbian shocked many.

Nokia 3310 which was manufactured and majorly sold between 2000-2003 is considered the toughest phone ever produced by Nokia. There are number of comics about rigidness of this phone which you can find over internet. Recently, Nokia came out with another brick namely Nokia Lumia 920 which is powered with WP8. If I am announcing it as a true grandson of its ancestor Nokia 3310 after considering its solid design and hard material you will also agree with my decision after watching the three step destruction test below.

How much tuff Nokia Lumia 920 can be, lets take a look at the following destruction test performed and published by “PhoneBuff”. Test was carried out in three steps. So, lets go ahead and check these.

Step 1: Nokia Lumia 920, Drop Test

Step 2: Nokia Lumia 920, Keys, Knife And Hammer Test

Step 3: Nokia Lumia 920 Destruction, What Does It Take?

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