Kingston MicroSDHC Class 4 vs SanDisk MicroSDHC Class 4

Kingston MicroSDHC Class 4 memory card has been compared with SanDisk MicroSDHC Class 4 memory card to bring forward performance report of memory products from Kingston and SanDisk. CrystalDiskMark tool and Red Bridge Card Reader have been utilized to benchmark memory cards. Each memory card carries 16 GB of standard storage capacity.

In this post, only Sequential read/write has been tested to give a general idea about what companies claim and what the reality is. Note that, Class 4 MicroSD cards are designed in a way to give minimum of 4 MB/s of write speed. Take a look at results given below:


Kingston MicroSDHC memory card has write speed of approx. 5.4 MB/s whereas SanDisk MicroSDHC memory card has approx. 5.2 MB/s which are pretty close to each other. So, claim of both companies of minimum write speed of 4 MB/s on Class 4 MicroSD card is absolutely correct. Regarding Read speed, 20.7 MB/s of Kingston MicroSDHC card and 20.9 MB/s of SanDisk MicroSDHC card are almost similar.

Regarding question what memory card should be chosen, answer lies in consumers’ choice. Both companies’ memory cards are reliable. But one thing should be mentioned that Kingston gives “life time warranty” for genuine Kingston memory cards whereas SanDisk is offering “5 years limited warranty”. Also SanDisk memory cards are expensive than Kingston memory cards.

Class 4 memory cards are good for recording movies in 720p HD format. Class 6 or later gives more write speed but 720p movies do not ask for that much high speed. 1080p HD video recording requires minimum of Class 6 memory cards at high fps. Class 8 or 10 are recommended for 1080p HD video recording.

If mere requirement is expansion of storage in mobile phones, simple MicroSD cards are good enough for that purpose. Micro SDHC memory card speeds up loading of contents but old mobile phones may not support it. All new mobile phones and cameras support MicroSDHC memory cards.

Also check this detailed benchmark report about Kingston, SanDisk and some other MicroSD cards which I have presented in a separate post. This report carries speed test results of different memory cards which might be useful for people: MicroSD, MicroSDHC Benchmark Report


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