Solution For Touchscreen Problems Of Sony Xperia Tipo & Tipo Dual

A large number of people have reported all over the internet that they are facing touchscreen problems on Sony Xperia Tipo and Sony Xperia Tipo Dual. The issue is related to software and not hardware. Company has not yet released any official fix to resolve it but an unofficial fix has been developed. A tool named ”TouchFWTools” can ease your troubles. To download, install and use it, instructions are given below.

How to?
1- Download “TouchFWTools” from this location: TouchFWTools.apk

2- Copy “TouchFWTools” to your mobile phone via data cable or bluetooth. After copying, disconnect mobile phone from computer. (You can also download it directly on your cell phone)

3- Go to Settings, and in Security section, enable “Unknown sources” setting to allow phone to install non-market applications.

4- If you have file manager in your mobile phone, go to the location where you copied it and install the application. If you do not have any file manager in your mobile phone, first, either download and install “File Manager” or simply get “Easy Installer” and using this application, install “TouchFWTools”. Both File Manager and Easy Installer are also available at Google Play Store.

5- Run TouchFWTools and place mobile phone on flat desk. Press the “calibration” button. It will take few seconds to finish the process. Do not move or pick up the cell phone during this process. When it is done, test your touchscreen.

[Update: This tool is also compatible with Sony Xperia J and Sony Xperia Miro. With all other Sony Xperia models, I can not guarantee its compatibility.]

(This is an open source patch and can be dealt with in accordance with the open source licenses. All credits go to the developer of this patch.)

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