Chef Droid Cooking Android

The title might be absurd but I had to choose this because Google has chosen food names for all versions of android operating system. You might haven’t thought about this fact but android has another aspect in addition to floating head robot.

Lets taste cooked android. First comes Cupcake. You can find its recipes over internet but Google has its own recipe. Then comes Donut. I wonder who don’t like it as a food and not OS. Eclair and Froyo of which Eclair is just a sweet candy now and Froyo, the frozen yogurt is not most wanted anymore. Gingerbread and Ice cream Sandwich are currently the most favourite and Honey Comb is restricted to tablet users. But then comes Jelly Bean. They say that Jelly Bean is the most delicious among all previously cooked android but leave it to people what they like more.


It’s time to add pinch of sugar. Overall, android being an operating system and not food is a good step toward progress in mobile industry. Dozens of companies are roasting phones with android which have made it popular among people and lots of cooks and developers have rushed toward this OS to make good bucks. Some eccentric genii judge success of OS based upon calculation of number of applications but I don’t. Because it is not necessary to have 300 Facebook applications when basic need is to access Facebook. 500 kinds of Office applications of which most can not even display a document properly but ads run very smoothly on them. 700 kinds of battery application of which most are junk and nothing more. 900 kinds of same game of which most are unstable and poorly developed. Excuse me if I have exaggerated figures too much.

Hot pepper with chilli sauce to add some sizzling taste. Android OS is the most delicious but when it lags, it lags a lot. Quad core CPU is required to serve it with impression. Looking at its hungry robot, octa core CPU shall be required in future to fulfill its appetite. Android is the most resources consuming operating system. Most RAM is utilized by processes, services and applications running in background. Mostly, when all the RAM is consumed, you are left with maximum battery consuming slow smartphone.. Kill the running applications to get some RAM. Later, come back to task manager and see there once again running applications which are not even set to auto start. On a serious note, Google and developers should look into these issues.

What the new recipe is, Google might know.

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