Recommended Paid Antivirus Software For 2013

Dozens of security suites against computer threats are available. Many of them have gained significant fame among common users. Trust building is not an easy task in current competitive market of antivirus software. With the passage of time, computer threats are also getting more and more catastrophical then they used to be. So, an antivirus software in computer is must.

With the help of small tests, we have found these two software worthy of being called as true antivirus software.

> Kaspersky Internet Security 2013
> Norton Internet Security 2013


Perhaps, it is a bad attitude if we ignore other antivirus software which we have tested and found good to be used for defense against computer related threats. So, those too are listed down here:

> Avast! Internet Security 7 & 8
> AVG Internet Security 2013
> Avira Internet Security 2013
> BitDefender Internet Security 2013
> BullGuard Internet Security 2013

  • Please note that we are not ranking antivirus software as ranking them is a complex task and requires extensive professional experiments. We are just giving an idea that these antivirus software are really good.
  • If you do not know, it is being mentioned that ‘Internet Security’ is basically an antivirus but also carries protective tools against internet threats. Source of majority computer related threats is internet these days.

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