Why I Use Norton Internet Security

I have been using Norton antivirus and other related Norton products since 2003 when there was no notable competition in the world of antivirus applications. It was a good experience to use Norton Antivirus 2003 as it was lighter on system resources. In the meanwhile, I switched over to Panda Antivirus in 2006 when Norton started to make heavy weight antivirus software and it was not appropriate to use such antivirus on slow PCs.

At the end of year 2008, I gave a try to newly launched re-engineered Internet Security 2009 from Norton and I was amazed that it was really light, low resources consuming security suite. So, I switched back to Norton products and became a regular user from that time.

Currently, I am using Norton Internet Security 2011 even though 2012 edition is out for months but I couldn’t find anything attractive and new in the newer edition. I believe, every software has some lag in it. Nothing is perfect. This latest edition is a little bit heavier for my GPU. But this is not the point of staying away from it because during its trial, it came out to be lighter for CPU than 2011 edition but heavier for GPU which is ridiculous. What matters to me is beauty and features. And such things, I find in it’s previous edition. So, what’s the point of switching ahead when you are satisfied.

Few days ago, beta version of 2013 edition is also released by the company, and its trial proved that it is lighter for CPU as well as GPU, and it’s look is also pretty with overall improvements which I was expecting since the day company released 2012 edition. So, I have decided to keep using Norton Internet Security 2011 till the release of alpha version of Norton 2013 and then I will switch to latest edition.

[Update] I switched to Norton Internet Security 2013 the day its final edition was released. The reason behind switching is that it is much more lighter and better than all previous editions. Switching didn’t cost me anything. So, I would say, good job Symantec.


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