Latest ‘Matrix Plus’ Series of HOMAGE Inverters (UPS)

Recently, HOMAGE has introduced new models in Matrix series with few improvements. Company names it ‘Matrix Plus’ series which is an extension of previous series. These days, HOMAGE inverters are getting popular due to reliability and better quality than locally made desi UPS.

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A small intro of new products is given below:


HMX 1001:  660 Watts  or  1000 VA          (Requires 1 battery, dry or flooded lead acid)
HMX 2001:  1320 Watts  or  2000 VA        (Requires 2 batteries, dry or flooded lead acid)
HMX 5001:  4200 Watts  or  5000 VA        (Requires 4 batteries, dry or flooded lead acid)

Features and specifications of new Homage Matrix Plus Power Inverters series:

1- External Design: These are rectangular shaped power inverters (UPS) with certain improvements over previous Matrix series power inverters. The UPS carries an LCD and LEDs for displaying different functions. There are plastic fins in front of the UPS from where fan of UPS sucks air to keep the inside of UPS cool. Fully ventilated UPS is designed to be used in hot regions or places where humidity level is high.

2- Power Input and Output: This series of power inverters is designed to provide backup to 230 V appliances. These are modified sine wave power inverters which are capable of accepting a wide range of input voltage (90 V – 280 V). Therefore, appropriate for use in places where voltage is not stable. The output of UPS is set to approx 230 V with 10 % / -18 % regulation and 50 Hz (+/-0.1%) frequency when running in backup mode. The UPS is designed for two voltage ranges, wide and narrow. Narrow is appropriate when sensitive appliances like desktop computers are connected. The switch over time in narrow mode is approximately 15 ms and in wide mode, it is 40 ms.

3- Battery and Charger: These new UPS’ contain intelligent charger which charges batteries at different charging rates to protect the batteries from wearing out faster. The maximum charging current for HMX1001 and HMX2001 is 10 A and for HMX5001, it is 20 A. Power inverters can be used with different size lead acid batteries (12V) as well. It is recommended that batteries should be at least 100 Ah in capacity or larger. Flooded lead acid batteries can be used but work well with dry lead acid batteries.

4- Other features: All Homage matrix plus power inverters come with overcharge, undercharge and overload protection features. The buzzer alarm is included to indicate the low battery or any fault. UPS can be used on full load without malfunctioning it provided that it is cooled enough to tolerate the heat generated by it. The efficiency is pronounced as 80 % or higher in inversion mode.

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