Epidemic Hits Pakistan: Thousands Suffering From Dengue Fever

Thousands of citizens have been reported suffering from dengue fever of which majority of the cases are from metropolitan city Lahore. Dengue is not new to Pakistan. Its first case appeard in 1994, after which it completely vanished. But after 12 years, it showed up again in 2006 infecting few. Later, it started penetrating and propagating in Lahore, the second biggest city of the country. In 2010, the fever taken its worst shape and thousands of people suffered from it during the reported period and few of the sufferers died of it. This year, in 2011, its attck is stronger than previous year attack. As a result, hundreds of people have suffered from dengue fever in just a period of one week.

Symptoms & Spread: Dengue is a type of fever which begins when a ‘dengue virus’ carrier mosquito bites human. It starts developing its symptoms slowly. First, patient suffers from extreme fever. Later, patient feels extreme pain in its whole body followed by vomiting, nausea, blood from nose, loose motions, headache, rashes on body, itching and weakness. Platelets amount start decreasing drastically in blood and if not taken care of on time, the patient might die. Dengue fever is not contagious. It is spread only by vector mosquitoes.

Recovery: The patient starts recovering within few days but feels its affects for many days. There is no proper treatment with medicines for this disease except patient should keep taking paracetamol to keep the fever low. It is considered that apple juice helps fast redevelopment of platelets. Therefore, patient should be given its large quantity among with fruit juices of pomegranate and papaya. Papaya is also found to be a natural trigger for fast redevelopment of platelets.

Vector Identification: Dengue virus carrier mosquito has white dots on its legs. It is smaller in size than ordinary malaria causing mosquito. Female lays its eggs in clean water, mud, and wet places. Disease spreads due to stings of female mosquito.

Some local analysts believe that vector mosquitoes are not self propagating at the current scale. These are being propagated in laboratories and then dispatched by enemies to use them as a biological weapon to bring more troubles to this country.

published on Sept 21, 2011