Modified Sine Wave Current: Good Or Bad?

This post is based entirely upon the author’s personal experience with modified sine wave current.

I have used few electronic devices with modified sine wave current and I have observed reduced life span and low efficiency. The experience is based upon the use of DVD player, CRT monitor, TV tuner and desktop computer on modified sine wave UPS. DVD player and TV tuner got malfunctioned within the warranty period. CRT monitor and motherboards of desktop computer failed before their average expected life.

The other experience regarding modified sine wave current is to use it to run fans and stereo speakers during load shedding. Fans produce noise like they are angry with this current and stereo speakers give humming noise as a ”background music”. An electrical engineer told me that rectifiers of stereo speakers are leaking current but I don’t think this is the case. The reason could be rectifiers are not capable of rectifying modified sine wave current properly into direct current (DC) as these are designed for rectifying pure sine wave alternating current (AC). The same thing could be responsible for destroying motherboards which I have mentioned above as power supply of computer failed to make modified sine wave current a perfect direct current.

In my opinion, modified sine wave current is not good for the health of sensitive electronic devices. So, if you have expensive electronic machinery and you are suffering from power outages and you want extended life span for that machinery, buy UPS or Power inverter designed for inverting current of batteries into pure sine wave alternating current. Moreover, if you want to build solar energy system, preferably buy pure sine wave inverter for it.

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