Problems and Solutions after Moving from Blogger to WordPress

You have moved your blog from Blogger to self hosted WordPress! Congratulations, you did perfectly right. Blogger platform is good in its own way but WordPress gives you the complete hold of your website which is not possible with freely hosted blog on Blogger. Plus Blogger is quite limited for administrative use and does not allow the root access to core files of website. While with WordPress and the ease of cPanel and other hosting control panels, you get the complete right to customise your website the way you want. Moreover, if you do not like one host, you can easily move all your WordPress powered websites or blogs to a totally new host without damaging their rankings in SERP or losing any backlinks. Whereas, if you decide to move a Blogger hosted website to self hosted WordPress platform or you have already done that, you should get ready to face some troubles in the beginning.

Moving from Blogger to WordPress has been made quite easy and tools are provided with the WordPress software to make that even easier. ‘Blogger Importer’ is a plugin developed by WordPress developers which is used for importing blogs from Blogger. This is an easy to use automated plugin which can be used by anyone who is willing to switch from Blogger to WordPress hosting. As I mentioned earlier, certain kinds of problems can arise after making the switch. But the good news is, all those issues can be fixed and website owners or admins can do that by themselves. Below here, I have provided solutions to almost all problems that arises after making the switch.

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Problem during Import Process
Lets begin with this. Sometimes or I should say most of the times while import process is running, ‘Blogger Importer’ decides to give up importing and take some rest. This is the serious issue which astonishes the admin what to do then. Fortunately, if this happens, refreshing or restarting the process helps Importer plugin resume its job again. Don’t worry, the files which have been imported already won’t be duplicated if you do that. Instead this plugin will import only those files which were left undone. On a side note, the plugin developers should fix this issue to make the whole import process smoother.

Post Formatting Issue
Every blog writer formats the post to make it appear good to readers by using different fonts, font size and adding line breaks where required. After moving the blog to WordPress, check individual posts whether they are appearing correctly. If you see any odd appearance, fix that by editing the post. You can use <br> tag to insert line breaks if paragraphs or lines have joined together. If fonts or fonts sizes appear poorly, you can also fix that easily. For all such work, you need to utilize Post Editor especially its “Text” editor to fix the problems by editing HTML. Try fixing such issues through “Visual” editor first. But if it does not help then you are left with no choice but to use the “Text” editor.

Problem with Images
Bloggers publish images in different sizes and at different locations to fit the article requirements. After making a switch from Blogger, images might appear inappropriate on WordPress hosted blog. The major problems which might arise are blurred images or images exceeding the space. You need to re-edit the posts to fix the problems with images. Republishing the same images from Media library with necessary adjustments will also do the job. If your WordPress theme allows, you may also fix the errors with images through editing the stylesheet (style.css) or post template (single.php).

Custom Permalinks
If you have made permalinks appear the same as they were appearing on Blogger, you will not lose any traffic or backlinks. But now, you are stuck with the same old permalink structure which you were using previously on Blogger. If you try to alter permalinks structure from WordPress settings, that will change links for all the imported posts resulting into 404 errors and immediate loss of traffic and backlinks. The best bet is, leave that old permalink structure for old posts and use new style for new posts. To change the permalink structure for new posts only, you can install this “Custom Permalinks” plugin or any other of your choice. Now, you will get the opportunity to publish new post with only post name after domain name in the permalink or by adding anything necessary.

Broken Internal Links
Internal links are important as they help interlink blog posts resulting into increase in users engagement and increase in pageviews. Unfortunately, all internal links gets broken once your blog has moved and hosted with WordPress software. If your website is huge with several hundreds posts, you may install a plugin which will automatically fix the broken links or some other plugin which will collect all broken internal links from whole website and present it to you so you could manually fix them for accuracy purposes. Personally, I will go with manual option as automated process does not guarantee whether users will land on correct pages. I shall recommend this “Redirection” plugin to do fix job for broken internal links. Another option is to edit every single post and correct the links but that will be a lot of work.

404 Errors
If you have the habit of customizing permalinks slugs for better SEO, you may find out in ‘Webmaster Tools’ that your blog is getting 404 errors after moving from Blogger. These errors appear when conflict between permalink slug and post title happens on WordPress. You can fix all those 404 errors by manually adding 301 redirect. You can individually pick broken links from Webmaster Tools to redirect them or you can use the same “Redirection” plugin which I have mentioned above for fixing ‘Broken Internal Links’. This plugin is capable of recording all 404 errors so you could add redirection to broken links. Once added, 404 errors will be resolved.

Feedburner is used by bloggers and website owners to keep track of all feed subscribers and bookmarks. Feed link (Atom) for Blogger blogs is different from WordPress blogs. So, after moving blog on WordPress, you will definitely lose previous subscribers and all feed information through Feedburner if new feed link appears different from previous one. To fix that problem, you can redirect old feed subscribers to new address. Use the same “Redirection” plugin which I have mentioned above to add a 301 redirection for old feed link.

Adding Blogger hosted Blog sitemap to Google or Bing Webmasters Tools is quite easy and that requires just the submission of atom XML feed link. Unfortunately, on WordPress, that is not quite straight forward. To submit a Sitemap of WordPress powered website, you need to install a third party plugin. Such plugin generates XML sitemaps for search engines. You can use “Google XML Sitemaps” plugin or any other good sitemap generating plugin. If you are already using Yoast SEO plugin, that also have got options to create and submit blogs/websites sitemaps. Please note, do not install more than one Sitemap plugin at a time as that might result into conflict between the two.

Note: So, these are some problems which arise when you have made switch from Blogger to WordPress. Majority of these problems arise because WordPress developers have not yet decided to fix them from within the software. So, you are left with installing plugins or manually fixing the errors. I hope, WordPress developers will fix all such issues in future releases of WordPress.

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