EagleGet: A Free Alternative to Paid Download Managers – Review

Getting tired of spending money on paid computer applications? It’s the time, you should find the alternatives for your needs. EagleGet has plunged into download managers crowd and got attention in shorter duration due to its features which are provided in this software free of charge. It is a commonly known fact that freeware software are mostly limited for use or in functionality. But EageGet Download Manager has got no restriction or does not nag users with pop ups ads or ask to buy the paid version. There is no paid version for it. That means every feature is available for free. If you are a freeware software lover, this download manager is definitely built for you.

EagleGet is an all in one download accelerator, download manager, video grabber and best of all an alternative to Internet Download Manager (IDM). Internet Download Manager is all times best download manager used by millions. But it is not free. You have to buy it to keep using it. EagleGet carries more or less all features of IDM in its own unique way. Now, let me take you to the in-depth analysis of its features, its pros and cons.

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Features and Pros:
1- Completely free to use. Does not have any premium or paid version. So, every feature included in it is accessible without any limitations. Developer(s) claim that it is an IDM alternative which is also true to a large extent according to my testing.
2- Accelerates the download process by utilizing multi threaded technology. This technology utilizes multiple connections to boost the download speed.  So, if any connection goes down, others compensate that by keeping the steady flow of receiving data bit by bit.
3- EagleGet supports diferent protocols. Included are HTTP, HTTPS, RTSP, MMS, FTP and more. It is possible to download files from almost any website because of wider support for popular protocols.
4- You can download videos from popular media websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe and many more using this pc software. It is a smarter video grabber with modern technology to download standard definition and high definition (HD) videos. Those websites which do not use flash and utilize HTML5, EagleGet can download videos from such websites as well.

5- This software is capable of automatically refreshing expired download links unlike IDM where users have to manually refresh the expired download links. Thus eliminates the hassle of extra work for users.
6-  It carries user friendly user interface with several skins to customize the look by applying different colors or backgrounds. A task monitor is included that shows the download progress. Also supports multiple languages.
7- Almost all popular web browsers are supported. It seamlessly integrates into the web browser and captures the downloadable files. A separate extension is available for Chrome browser to make it functional with that.
8- Supports batch downloads and capable of downloading different file types to different folders. Also included are download scheduling function and arranging the priority of download files. Can run virus scanner once the file is fully downloaded.
9- Other features included are silent (game) mode, shutdown, sleep or hibernate PC after task completion, built-in speed limiter, function to check integrity of downloadable files, import download lists from other download managers, keep log for each task and tasks properties panel.

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– All extensions are not currently provided within the application. Including them within the installation package will eliminate the hassle of separately installing them.
– No download button appears on video players of websites. Instead, captured videos are shown under Video Sniffer in control panel making the process complex to download them.
– Sometimes, stops working unexpectedly. Therefore, requires some improvements and bug fixes.
My Recommendation:
I shall recommend to use this freeware nice application for all your downloading needs or if you are looking for IDM alternative, this is your stop.

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