The Six Devastating Human Behaviors

Behaviors are the integral part of human life. Behaviors are something which are ever changing. One moment, a person is happy, the next moment he could be angry or worried about something. Study of human psychology has become a complete field today. Out of all kinds of human behaviors, there are some negative behaviors which are extremely devastating. There could be more but I am categorizing six of them which have always brought troubles to the world. These include violence, anger, selfishness, greed, ego and pride.

Human is the most talented living being on this planet in every aspects. He has got most advanced brain and body functionality. Despite of all advancements, negative behaviors are persistent and the ultimate result is what we see in our surroundings. Humans have developed large cities, constructed huge buildings and carpeted roads, but still fight with other humans just to grab their resources. Today, killing of innocent people is at its peak. Without any reason, people are slaughtered. World wars are presentation of what kind of human nature actually is. Gangs, mafias and undercover terrorist organisations are all involved in spreading violence around the world. Forces are used to control violence on different scales. But their effectiveness is mostly short term. Because it is not possible to entirely alter the basic human instinct. Unfortunately, violence has also become the most wanted entertainment around the globe.

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It is medically proven that anger is damaging for human health. Anger leads to hypertension, and high blood pressure can damage human organs, may lead to haemorrhage which could be fatal in some cases. A slight anger is one thing but extreme anger is another thing which is quite dangerous. This extreme anger is trouble maker. Naturally being an angry person can be hereditary or may be the result of some past bad experience or incident. Anger management therapy is getting popular these days which is good to come over ones anger. But if one can not afford such therapy, there are many other simple techniques to control anger. But the most important thing is to change the way of thinking. If it is achieved, anger will automatically vanish from human nature.

No matter how many resources humans have, how much people earn, selfish behavior prevails like a  contagious disease. One major symptom of the selfish behavior is not caring about others especially loved ones and those who belongs to lower class. Selfish behavior is most common among ruling class and politicians. There is a reason why a rich is getting richer and poor is getting poorer today, and the reason is selfishness, to care about ones own self and ignore others. But poor are selfish too. It all depends upon the direction of thoughts, how much a person cares about others.


Greed is a simple human behavior which does not require much explanation because everybody knows what this is. This type of behavior is common at all levels. At corporate level it can be indicated by the lust of companies to have more capital and highest level of returns from investment. Certain tactics are implemented to increase the profit to its maximum. One tactic is to shorten the supply when demand is high and increase the prices to have more revenue. Its like taking immoral benefit from human needs. On individual scale, greed is something which has brought carelessness and selfishness among people. Greedy people are usually selfish in nature. So, these two behaviors selfishness and greed are also correlated.


Ego is an exaggerated sense of self importance. Ego is a Latin word which means “I”. “I don’t want to talk to her”. “Why did he even say this to me?” These are the simple examples of ego. When ego is high in a person, level of taking revenge also elevates even on small ignorable conflicts. Some people might confuse ego with self respect or pride. But these are three separate human behaviors. Too much ego can lead to pride. It is also considered one of the major cause of depression.

“Pride comes before a fall”. It is a famous saying and equally true. Once Romans and Iranians had proud empires and both fell like demolished towers. Pride makes the human act like a stubborn cattle and cause him to make policies which one day will destroy him. Human has not learnt from past and still follows the same old path which once kings of nations followed. Man constructs high towers and then boast of it. He shows off his wealth and feels proud, disrespects poor and considers them as his slaves, considers himself above laws. Alone pride can lead to anger, violence and selfishness. So, pride is the most dangerous of all the human behaviors discussed above.

Note: The word  Behavior  is the American version of chiefly British  Behaviour.

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