Even Internet Explorer 10 Is “Internet Toilet”

No matter how many benchmark reports are out there which prove that how fast and nice Internet Explorer 10 is, actual story is still untold. Ask those web developers how much horrible nightmare internet explorer is for them. I am in this field and I know how much internet explorer sucks.

Now, what is the reason that I am considering even IE 10 bad and another failure? I do admit that Internet explorer 10 works extremely fine and is quite faster on Windows 8 platform but when it is used on Windows 7, then quite frankly, there is no obvious difference between internet explorer 8, 9 or 10.
When a web developer designs a web template, he tests it on every web browser available in market to make sure that it works fine and his efforts will not be futile. But his efforts go to trash when he tests it over internet explorer. If his designed website works properly on every web browser, it will probably make troubles on internet explorer. Possibly, it would be slow, many portions of website would disappear or appear messed up. He then again has to get into the depth of codes to fix those issues.

Same things have happened to me many times. When Windows 8 came out, I tested my website over its stock web browser i.e. internet explorer 10 and it made me quite excited and happy that website was working extremely fine just like it does on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. So, I thought that Microsoft has learnt from past experience and it has finally revolutionized its web browser. Later when Internet Explorer 10 was released for Windows 7, I tested my website over it and it shocked me that this new internet explorer simply destroyed the design of my website. I then had to work to make it look decent over internet explorer 10 as well just like it does on all other web browsers. Later, I switched to a totally new web template as older one used to make troubles on internet explorers and I was unable to find out what was causing that.

I am sure, I am not the only one around here who is the victim of “internet explorer headache”. I shall advise Microsoft as a ‘no one’ that if it can not make a decent web browser then leave it to third parties as they are doing a decent job. And no, I do not hate Microsoft or any of it products. In fact, I made this post sitting in front of a computer powered with Microsoft Windows.

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