Unofficial Apple iPhone 5 Blueprint – Comic

It is just a comic and nothing more. If you are a fan of iPhone then excuse this. Or if you want to buy iPhone then go ahead and buy it.

Worth Noticing: I created this comic because one day, I was getting bored and decided to do some creative work. I am one of those who is disappointed by the new iPhone 5 and does not like it as for me it is like just another iPhone. If someone owns it as a status symbol then it’s his or her choice but I choose something different, something which equally gives me an opportunity to explore new things along with the worth of spent money. So, I have decided to go with the new release of Samsung android phone, Samsung Galaxy S3. The brand new Nokia Lumia 920 has also proved to be good and a revolutionary leap ahead of modern technology but Windows Phone being an operating system still has a long journey ahead of it to attract more application developers and to snatch some large market shares from its rivals. I hope, Apple will figure out how to make its next iPhone possibly Apple iPhone 6 a real challenger and a better gadget to be owned.

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